THE Beacon Centre for the Blind has created a braille gift tag to help visually impaired people to find their own gifts under the tree this Christmas.

It’s been produced by the charity’s digital manufacturing hub Fab Lab which is based at its West Midlands based centre.

It is hoped that it will make gift-giving easier for people impacted by sight loss, as if they read braille, they will be able to read the message on the tag themselves instead of having to rely on someone else to do it for them.

The reusable 3D resin printed tag is available to buy through the charity’s Etsy store MadeByFabLab, along with a range of other festive gifts and decorations including personalised dog paw prints. All the products are handmade on site where visually impaired people are involved with the creations as well as learning business and manufacturing skills to increase their independence. Sales help support the charity’s work across the region.

You can visit the MadeByFabLab Etsy shop here


This shows a golden tree with a silver gift tag on which reads Merry Christmas from Kathy
This is a wooden paw print decoration with the name Meg in the middle.