Fab Lab

Beacon’s Fab Lab carries on our proud manufacturing history


The Beacon Centre was one of the first charities in the UK to open its own shop selling wicker baskets made by people with sight loss  back in 1889. 

145 years later we are proud to continue innovating with our Fab Lab where we use cutting edge technology to  produce unique personalised gifts which are made by and support people with sight loss. 

Based at our site in Sedgley we can offer personalised print t-shirts, mugs, seasonal decorations and photographs printed onto a range of different materials. 

Each sale helps support someone with sight loss. We’ve got a beautiful range of  gifts for a special someone this Valentine’s Day which can be personalised with your own message of love. 

To order just send us an email at fablab@beaconvision.org  with details of which items you would like to purchase and the message you would like engraved on it. Delivery is free and the last date for orders is February 11. 


 Jigsaw keyrings £4 


Engraved card £4

Key and heart set £4

Heart  keyrings £4


Moon card £5.95


Heart card £3.50