Beacon Centre Celebrates Outstanding Volunteers During National Volunteers’ Week

During National Volunteers’ Week, the Beacon Centre for the Blind celebrated the incredible efforts of our volunteers. While we could only hand out a few awards, every one of our nearly 200 volunteers is absolutely amazing and makes a huge difference in our community.

Darren – Winner of the Outstanding Contribution Award
Darren, a dedicated volunteer since 2022, has made a remarkable difference in our health and wellbeing service. His nomination highlighted numerous contributions, from decorating the games room with canvases and pottery to fixing the pool table and lights. Darren has gone above and beyond, helping with outdoor projects and maintaining the garden. He has also been a vital part of VIP activities, including karaoke nights and bowling. Known for his joyful spirit and encouraging words, Darren inspires members to believe in themselves, even when they face challenges due to visual impairment. His presence is a source of joy and confidence for everyone at the centre. Thank you, Darren, for the difference you make!

Lynn – Winner of New Volunteer of the Year
Although Lynn has been volunteering with Beacon since 2015 she recently expanded her volunteering to take a new role with our Lifestyle Centre earlier this year. Her nomination for her new role praises her invaluable support, ensuring members have their teas and coffees, and assisting with crafts on a one-to-one basis. Lynn’s dedication extends beyond her new role, as she was also nominated for the Dedication Award for her fundraising efforts in her original volunteering role. Lynn’s contribution is greatly appreciated by both staff and members. Congratulations, Lynn, on your well-deserved recognition!

Peter – Winner of the Dedication Award
Since May 2021, Peter has been a befriending volunteer, making weekly telephone calls to eight members aged between 60 and 89. His reliable and supportive presence has been a lifeline for many who feel lonely and isolated. Members describe their calls with Peter as “splendid” and say they get on “like a house on fire.” Peter’s commitment significantly enhances our befriending service, making a profound difference in the lives of those he connects with. Thank you, Peter, for your unwavering dedication!

John – Winner of the Dedication Award
John, a Beacon volunteer for 19 years, has primarily supported our transport team and community activities. Recently, his role expanded to driving and assisting with activities organised by Mary. John’s nomination highlights his willingness to go the extra mile, whether it’s guiding members, pushing wheelchairs, or participating in various outings and events. His kindness, sense of humour, and supportive nature make him an integral part of our team. His nomination praised his unparalleled dedication and the positive atmosphere he helps create. Thank you, John, for your years of commitment and exceptional service!

Honouring All Volunteers
While we celebrate the achievements of Darren, Lynn, Peter, and John, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our volunteers. Each one of you plays a crucial role in the success of the Beacon Centre for the Blind. Your dedication and hard work do not go unnoticed, and we are incredibly thankful for your continued support and service.




This shows John who is wearing glasses and clutching his award standing next to our Chief Executive Lisa Cowley. They are both smiling towards the camera and behind John is a display of brightly coloured Beacon balloons.
This shows Lynn, she is wearing a pale grey jumper and dark jeans and has short bobbed hair. She is holding her award and is smiling towards the camera with our Chief Executive Lisa Cowley stood next to her. In the background is a display of brightly coloured Beacon balloons.