Cataracts is a condition where your lens becomes cloudy making your vision blurred which can form over many years. Cataracts can affect both or one eye and usually develops when you get older, in the UK age-related cataracts affects around half of people aged 65 and above. But it can also affect children too – however this is rare.

There is only one way the condition can be treated and that is to replace the lens with an artificial one. Like most sight conditions you won’t ever feel any pain and the symptoms depend on if you have it in both or one eye. The main symptoms are blurred vision, trouble coping with bright-light, difficulties seeing colour and seeing ‘halos’ around lights.

For those who have cataracts you may notice a change in your prescription for your glasses or lenses more often. It should be noted the symptoms mentioned above can also develop from diabetes or glaucoma. The key message is, if you feel changes in your vision contact your opticians immediately, so they can examine your eyes in detail. If you are unsure and would like to learn more or speak to an expert, contact your opticians or local GP and book an appointment.

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