About Dry Eye

Dry Eye is a common condition which is caused by your tears which are not able to provide adequate lubrication. Tears keep your eyes healthy and help you focus. Tears are made up of three films, including the mucin layer, watery layer and lipid layer. Half of contact lens wearers suffer from dry eye syndrome occasionally or persistently.

Dry eye is often a natural symptom of getting older but can also be affected by medications, pre-existing health conditions or due to contact lenses.

Dry can develop from not enough tears being produced or problems with the tear film, when your eyes lack moisture you may start to feel various symptoms that link to the condition. Symptoms for this condition include, itchy eyes, sore eyes, tired eyes and red eyes.

If your eyes feel tired, dry or like there is something in your eyes you should visit your opticians. A detailed eye examination and further tests can tell you whether you have dry eye or not.

Dry eyes can be prevented so don’t take the risk and visit your opticians – it’s vital we look after our eyes and look for the small signs. A healthy diet can go a long way in keeping your eyes healthy and prevent any serious damage to them as you get older. For those who live with the condition, eye drops are a popular way to treat the condition.

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