Talking News

The Latest issue of the Talking News

Our talking news is available to listen to in a digital podcast format. It can be found here on our website and should be available on most popular podcasting platforms.

We are also available via the British Wireless for the Blind app;

You can also listen through Alexa Smart Speakers.

First you need to install the Talking Newspapers Skill. To do this say: “Alexa, Enable Talking Newspapers”

Once this is enabled, to play the Black Country Talking News say: “Alexa, Play Talking Newspapers” – then ask for the Black Country Talking News by saying: “Alexa, Play Black Country Talking News”

If you are having problems accessing the Talking News via Alexa, you may be using an out of date skill. To find out how to update your device you can listen to this audio guide.

Those without access to the internet can also receive the Talking News in the post on CD

If you would like to find out any more information about the service, please email 



Click Here - to listen via the British Wireless for the Blind's Accessible player featuring a track by track listing
Alternatively click here to download the latest mp3