This picture shows a group of women holding hands with the Beacon and Chadd logos. The text reads Domestic Violence Toolkit in black.

Working with our partner Chadd we have designed a toolkit for domestic violence practitioners to help create accessible refuge spaces for blind and partially sighted people. 

It has been designed to share across the UK, linking visually impaired support services to their local domestic abuse services, helping to make the journey smoother for blind and partially sighted people accessing refuge accommodation.

We’d like to thank our funder, the Vision Foundation for supporting this work. 

You can download the toolkit in a variety of formats below and if you have any feedback about our toolkit, please email us via  

This shows the first page of our toolkit, it's green, blue and pink.

Download a PDF version of our toolkit here

Listen to an audio version of our toolkit here

This shows a CD

Order a free CD copy of our toolkit via

This shows a large letter A and lines of text.

Download a copy of our large print, word only toolkit here.