About Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis Pigmentosa also known as RP is a group of eye conditions that are genetic and affect the peripheral vison and night vision. RP causes permanent vison loss which impacts the retina. How the condition develops in each person varies.

The retina is responsible for sending light signals to the brain, giving us the ability to see. When the cells in the retina start to degenerate, those with the condition will start to struggle with their sight at night and lose their peripheral vision. A majority of people who live with the condition will have inherited it from their parents. The first set of symptoms can be found from the ages of 10 – 40, because of the wide range in age it can be hard to predict the extent of deterioration in your vision. RP starts when poor vision at night, as the cells that find dim light stop working.

Did you know it takes our eyes 20 minutes to adapt to low-light but with RP it can take much longer or not even happen at all. Once the cells stop find dim light at night you will eventually be diagnosed with night blindness, this means for those that drive it will restrict you’re driving to the daytime only. Once you start to lose your peripheral vision you will start to get tunnel vision, restricting your vision from the sides. Because it’s a condition that is inherited it cannot be prevented, which is why it’s important to get regular eyes tests or if somebody in your family has the condition it’s vital you tell your opticians – early diagnoses and support is important.

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