Sight Loss Support

Coming to terms with sight loss can have a huge impact on both the person who is visually impaired and their family. Often families can want to find out more about the conditions that are affecting their loved ones lives. You can find out about the most common conditions we see here at Beacon in our site loss information.

Registering as visually impaired

Depending on the severity of the sight loss your family member is living with they may be able to register as being visually impaired. It is not compulsory but it may help for them to access certain benefits including disability living allowance and a reduction in the TV licence fee.

Access to benefits

If, as a person with life changing sight loss you are still in work, your may be eligible for a grant from Access To Work, a programmes run by the job centre to provide advice and support to those living with sight loss and other life changing conditions.

Informing the DVLA

If you have been diagnosed with a condition that affects your vision you have a legal obligation to inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if you are a driver. Failure to do so is a crime and can result in a fine of up to £1,000.