Volunteers are vital to the work we do as a charity.

We want to transform the lives of people living with sight loss, and volunteers help us do that.

We currently have more than 200 volunteers who help support people living with sight loss in a range of roles.

Whatever your time commitment we will have a role for you.

In return you will get a chance to give something back, meet new friends and build your confidence and experience.

All our volunteers receive training and are supported to deliver their roles, which can include:

Independent Living Centre – Sedgley

  • Fitness and Exercise Assistant Volunteer
  • IT support volunteer
  • Recreational and  Craft Volunteers
  • General support Volunteer for ILC

Community roles

  • Activeyes Volunteer
  • Social Group Volunteer – Long Knowle
  • Money Box collector
  • Supermarket Money Collector
  • Eye infirmary volunteer
  • Community Support Volunteer
    • Leaflet and  Promotional Material Distributor
  • General roles at the Beacon Centre in Sedgley
    •  Catering Assistant Volunteer
    • Coffee Bar Assistant Volunteer
    • Reception Volunteer
    • Mini Bus driver
    • Retail assistant Volunteer (Sedgley, Wednesbury, Penkridge, Cannock, Bilston, Bloxwich, Halesowen)
    • Youth Club Volunteer
    • Youth Club Mini Bus Driver
    • Beacon Court Support Assistant
    • Beacon Court Administration
    • Befriending
    • Fundraising and Marketing Volunteer
    • Furniture Restorer
    • Employment Suite Support Administrator
    • Telemarketing Volunteer
    • Equipment and Advice Support Volunteer

Volunteer Roles Stourbridge:

  • Day Centre Volunteers
  • Home Visiting Volunteers
  • Community Group (SIB, HLAB, Men’s Groups) Volunteers
  • Black Country Talking News Volunteers

To find out more about our volunteer opportunities contact:

Becky Green 


“I would thoroughly recommend getting involved with volunteering, it keeps you active and is a great way of meeting people of all walks of life and ‘giving back.’
“It’s made me more aware of people’s needs and hopefully less selfish and more thoughtful.
Volunteering is all I expected and more and I can’t imagine life without it now and would hate to be stuck at home all day and not out meeting people and having fun.”
Chris Guy

Beacon Centre Volunteer