Winter tips if you are living with sight loss 

If you are visually impaired the winter months can be challenging. Beacon’s Sight Loss Advisor Sharon Sutton, who lives with sight loss, has compiled her top tips on how to cope when the temperature drops.


Going outdoors

Wear brightly coloured clothing that stands out to make yourself more visible.

Pick comfortable, flat footwear with a good tread that grips as you walk.

The winter sun and bright reflection from snow can cause unwanted glare, try wearing sunglasses or filter glasses to combat it.

If you are using a long mobility cane in cold weather wear leather gloves or vegan alternatives rather than woollen ones as they will better support your ability to pick up changes and surface textures through your cane.

Making a journey in bad weather

Before making a trip in bad weather think about the following: 

  • Is the journey necessary?
  • Can you a family member, friend or local organisation help?
  • If it is a journey you would normally walk, could you instead travel by car or taxi?
  • Can you plan your trip back in advance?
  • If it is icy, are you at risk of a fall?




Staying safe at home

Close internal doors in your home to conserve heat.

Put on an extra jumper or a second pair of socks to stay warm.

Eat at regular intervals.

Make sure you have good lighting throughout your home.

Keep torches in different rooms in case of a power cut.

Take a mobile phone to bed with you in case of an emergency.


If you or a loved one could benefit from sight loss support, get in touch to see how we could help you. 

Call 01902 880 111 and ask for a Sight Loss Advisor.