This shows our sight loss advisor Nathan, outside our centre in jeans, a blue polo shirt, a cap and of course, sunglasses!

Happy Sunglasses Day!

It’s International Sunglasses Day on Tuesday, June 27th and here at Beacon we don’t think anyone should be leaving home without them!

Why should we all be wearing sunglasses? Well, here are three reasons to start with.

  1. UV protection – they reduce the risk of damage to your eyes and potential loss of vision.
  2. Reduce glare – they make vision more comfortable and reduce eye strain.
  3. Protection from elements – they shield your eyes from dirt, sand, water and wind.

It is important to protect your eyes from harmful UV light contained in sunlight. Buy sunglasses from a reputable retailer and look for the CE mark on the frames that indicates they meet European standards for UV protection or better still the UV 400 mark to ensure they will protect your eyes from all harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Sunglasses have four levels of tint, one to four. One, the highest light transmission and lighter lens and four the lowest light transmission and darkest lens. Look for a number on your sunglasses.

Fake sunglasses may look good, but they may not provide UV protection and could damage your sight.

Here’s a bit more information about the different types of sunglasses you can get. 

Polarised lenses

They can cut down on reflected glare from flat surfaces, for example, light reflected off water or snow or off the bonnet of a car. They might be helpful if you find that reflected glare is a problem for you.

Filer glasses or over glasses

Have built-in sides which stop the light from entering from above and to the sides. They can also be worn over your normal spectacles and can be very helpful for people with sight loss.

They come in a variety of different coloured tints that limit a certain wavelength of light which can help with bright light and glare.

What else can help protect your eyes?

Along with sunglasses or filter glasses, shading your eyes with your hand or wearing a baseball cap, visor or sun hat with a wide brim can also help.

If you have an eye condition where you are struggling with bright light or glare and would like to try a range of filter glasses to help or would like further advice about eye protection, contact Beacon’s sight loss Advisors. 01902 880111.